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Why Portable Benefits Should be a Priority in the New Economy

Posted by Carah Counts on December 21, 2015

Why Portable Benefits Should be a Priority in the New Economy | Carah Counts | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.Freelancers, or Independent Workers, are a fast-growing force in America. Now numbering more than 50 million individuals, the call for extension of benefits to the independent workforce is growing.

It's the Uber generation, and everybody wants to be their own boss. Without access to benefits like healthcare or retirement, freelancers have a hard time establishing careers like those found in the traditional workforce.

But since freelancers often work for many companies, it doesn't make sense for each business to offer benefits to each contractor. The Freelancers Union is one group calling for lawmakers to create programs which will attach benefits to each worker, regardless of with whom they are employed.

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