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Why We Need More Older Women in the Workplace

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on August 12, 2015

Why We Need More Older Women in the Workplace | Ginger Sullivan | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.Editor and Journalist Lisa Miller recalls being hired by an older woman for her first post as editor at the Washington Post.

Starting her professional career in the shadow of this remarkable boss, many years her senior, the young Miller was able to envision her own future career.

She argues that older women are an essential ingredient within a healthy workforce.

Not simply good workers or an ingredient for diversity as an end in itself, studies have shown that companies with at least one female executive are more likely to succeed than those with none.

There are many realities of life which cause women to have different career trajectories than their male counterparts. By the time mid- or late-career is achieved, many have simply left the workforce.

Miller emphasizes that the experiences and motivations of older female employees are essential to healthy companies, and hopes that more will stick it out and be sought after.

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