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Working Hard, Hardly Working

Posted by Wendy White on October 29, 2015

Working Hard, Hardly Working | Wendy White | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.

Facing an economy in recession, Canadian businesses are being forced to take serious action on workplace policies, changes which could cast light on the way people work around the world.

Employers the nation over have traditionally responded to productivity woes by increasing hours.

As prominent international corporations bring 24/7 work culture into the public eye, smaller companies may be taking things in the opposite direction.

Studies have proven that productivity actually decreases as worker hours exceed 50 per week, causing many Canadian companies to require their employees to work less.

Citing productivity successes by historic businessmen like Henry Ford, and contemporary vacation polcies in France, the following article hints at a path ahead which achieves high national productivity through an emphasis on allowing employees rest and relaxation.

Read full article at Maclean's.
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