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Workplace Lactation Programs Benefit Baby, Mother, and Employer

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on July 29, 2015

Workplace Lactation Programs Benefit Baby, Mother, and Employer | Ginger Sullivan | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.There are numerous psychological and health benefits for parent and child when a new mother is able to breast feed as long as is necessary.

Breast-fed infants have lower incidence of ear and respiratory infections, allergies, and digestive problems.

Breastfeeding mothers are shown to recover faster from pregnancy, while having a lifelong reduced risk of breast cancer, as well as reduced incidince of diabetes and cardiovascular degeneration in later life.

All of these factors obviously increase quality of life for mothers and children. But they also contribute to happier and healthier workers, when new mothers return from maternal leave.

The law protects mothers who wish to nurse in the workplace, but it is important for management to create a workplace culture where this is accepted and encouraged.

Factors like these can have enormous impact on health and happiness among a workforce, and these cues are taken from management.

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