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4 Reasons the Healthcare Industry Should Compensate Physicians More

Posted by Carah Counts on April 5, 2016

4 Reasons the Healthcare Industry Should Compensate Physicians More | Carah Counts | Employer Healthcare Strategies blog by CareATC, Inc.Everyone knows that doctors get paid plenty of money... Right? Some physicians don't agree.

Some doctors are struggling to make ends meet, and are forced to see as many patients per day as possible.

This doesn't benefit physician or patient, and the case for better pay for doctors has has even more strong points.

  1. Many surgeons get more money by meeting with patients in clinic than they do for long, difficult surgeries. This can make great surgical care difficult to find.
  2. Many physicians feel they are caught in a Catch 22, where they have little autonomy and poor pay. This only depresses care quality.
  3. Because of the Primary Care shortage, many family doctors argue they should be made more like specialists. Specialty medicine is attractive to med school students, specifically because it pays so much better than primary care.
  4. Some doctors just quit, burned out from long hours and too-little pay.

Read full article at Becker's ASC Review.

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