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CareATC Launches COVID-19 Pop-Up Testing Sites for its Clients

Posted by Scott Strickland on April 1, 2020

Since mid-March, many of our south-east Florida, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Tulsa patients and clients have been able to be tested for COVID-19 at pop-up testing sites organized by CareATC.

The pop-up testing sites, stationed outside of client facilities and CareATC clinics, offer employees and dependents of CareATC clients testing at no charge to the patients. 

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“Many of our clients were concerned with the growing risks to the health of their employees,” said Greg Bellomy, CEO of CareATC. “When they approached us to run tests, we were able to procure the services of a testing laboratory and a mobile clinic facility to start the pop-up sites almost immediately.”                   

The CareATC pop-up testing sites are the first to be initiated by a worksite primary care provider and are administered by CareATC’s own medical team.

Patients must first be screened by a CareATC physician via Telemedicine or Virtual Visit. If they exhibit clear symptoms of the coronavirus, an appointment is scheduled for testing at the pop-up sites.

Once the test is complete, the results are returned to CareATC within 48-72 hours. A CareATC nurse from the outreach team then contacts the patient by phone to provide the patient with results.

For their own safety and that of their patients, the testing staff are protected by a full-suite of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Each of them is supplied with face-shields, face-masks, gowns, and rubber gloves and the testing area is consistently sanitized after every patient.

Tulsa“The pop-up testing solution is CareATC’s way of helping to fight the pandemic and flatten the curve,“ added Bellomy, “The pop-up testing sites have been effective in reducing the number of cases being seen at hospitals and emergency rooms so that the clinical staff there will not be overwhelmed and unnecessarily endangered.”

Thus far, the CareATC pop-up testing sites have administered over 500 tests. New testing sites are being deployed to West Virginia and Pennsylvania where CareATC has clients who have requested COVID-19 testing for their workforce. CareATC is expanding its testing capabilities to every market it serves to better meet the needs of their clients, employees and their families.

For more information please go to www.careatc.com

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