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HCMS Group Introduces Waste-Reducing Health Reform Solution

Posted by Carah Counts on May 4, 2016

2418014762_8db6bbd089_m.jpgHealthcare costs are high and rising. Everybody knows it, but nobody knows what to do about it. 

Last week HCMS group, a healthcare business consultancy, offered one possible solution: over-treatment/over-consumption reversal.

Americans spend $3.2 trillion each year on healthcare, an estimated 30-40% of which can be considered "waste" for over-treatment. Of the many sources of waste, medications top the list, along with unnecessary procedures and tests.

This is partly because of the dual role of patient and consumer. If patients don't like their trip to the doctor's office, they can leave bad reviews online, just like they would if they're steak was overdone at Ruth's Chris.

HCMS identifies several different sources which also contribute to over-treatment. They offer up data-based treatment solutions which help determine which treatment to provide and which to withhold, in an effort to cut the high costs of waste.

Read full article at PR Newswire.

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