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Many Americans Say Higher Prices Don't Mean Better Healthcare

Posted by Jeremy Cavness on April 20, 2016

Many Americans Say Higher Prices Don't Mean Better Healthcare | Carah Counts | Employer Healthcare Strategies blog by CareATC, Inc.There are a bunch of researchers out there who study how regular people associate price of health care with quality of health care. As it turns out, most people think that today's health care is expensive and not very good.

While that may sound like bad news to you and me, it's actually good news for those trying to innovate new sources of low-cost care.

The thinking is that if people generally associate high quality care with high prices, they won't take advantage of low-cost care options, even if they are of a very high quality.

This information has a lot of bearing on how health care providers display price and quality information. As these studies reveal, people's "real" behavior is often very different than what they "say" they will do, and just as often defies common sense.

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