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Mental Health Reform Faces Hurdles in Congress

Posted by Carah Counts on April 19, 2016

Mental Health Reform Faces Hurdles in Congress | Carah Counts | Employer Healthcare Strategies blog by CareATC, Inc.In spite of optimism reported earlier in the year, a major national mental health overhaul is unlikely to make it through Congress.

The $500 million initiative is supported by the President, as well as both Party leaders, but a vocal faction of Congress opposes new spending of any type, and is likely to sink the bill.

The controversy over the mental health bill comes at a time when influential conservative members of the House Budget Committee are fighting to reduce funds to public health programs, at a reported savings of $6.5 Trillion over the next ten years. Other Conservatives see mental health reform as a way to salve America's mass shooting problem (without introducing anti-gun regulations).

But with a fractious division in the party, even this olive branch is likely to be eliminated. It's always difficult to get legislation passed in an election year, however popular. This particular challenge highlights an uniquely uncooperative Congress.

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