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Health Reform: Fueling the Growth of On-Site Clinics?

Posted by Jeremy Cavness on October 28, 2014

Health Reform: Fueling the Growth of On-Site Clinics?By this time, Health Reform has already become somewhat of a reality for most companies. Whether big or small, a new report finds the number of employers adopting on-site primary care clinics continues to grow as companies seek new ways to take control of their health care spend, while simultaneously improving the health and productivity of their workforce.

Many employers continue to assume that only a small number of organizations are adopting on-site strategies. The data, however, seems to argue otherwise.

Data Reveals Steady Growth of On-Site and Shared-Site Medical Clinics

As shown in “e Survey Report” from health and human resources consultant Mercer, the presence of on-site clinics has increased 5% for companies with 5,000 or more employees. Moreover, the findings state that an additional 15% of companies this size will be adding on-site primary care of some type in the next two years. 

While companies with fewer than 5,000 employers were originally finding it harder to make the investment in on-site clinics, Health Reform, as well as new roll-out strategies like cost-sharing and near-site networks, seem to be making that decision much easier and more cost effective. From that same report, 11% of employers with 500-4,999 are estimated to make the move to on-site primary care in the next two years.

While those figures don’t make you jump out of your seat initially, the number of US based employers with between 500-4,999 employees amounts to over 20,000. Combined with organizations employing more than 5,000, an estimated number of large companies looking to make the switch to on-site primary care is over 2,500 and covers more than 20,000,000 employee lives.

That being said, the question most employers should be asking themselves is not if, but when.

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