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3 Signs of Physician Burnout (And What to Do About It)

Posted by Tatiana Spears on January 31, 2017


According to the Medscape Lifestyle Report 2016: Bias and Burnout, some of the major causes of physician burnout include: 1) too many bureaucratic tasks; 2) spending too many hours at work; 3) too many patient appointments in a day; 4) not enough income; and 5) just feeling like a cog in a wheel.

Physician burnout is a major concern for the industry and can lead to lower patient satisfaction and care quality; higher medical error rates and malpractice risk; higher physician and staff turnover; and physician substance abuse. Repeated studies have shown an average of 1 in 3 doctors suffer from symptomatic physician burnout on any given day. How can you tell if you are at risk for burnout? Here are three signs to look for:


Sign 1: Exhaustion 

You feel emotionally and physically depleted. It feels like you’re running on empty all the time and nothing seems to give you the sustained energy you need.

Tip: Your path towards balance, begins with a single step. Take inventory of your daily routine? Are you making time to invest in yourself? Start with one thing and make a little ritual. This might look like a morning walk an evening stretch session listening to your favorite podcast. Do a little something that makes you happy each day, preferably away from a screen.

Sign 2: Depersonalization 

You find yourself becoming cynical, humorlessly sarcastic, and short with patients and staff.

Tip: Make deposits into your emotional energy account by maintaining healthy relationships with the people you love. Set a date with your spouse. Go to a concert with friends. Connect with a co-worker over coffee. Recharge on socially positive experiences to be emotionally available to your patients, staff, friends, and family. After all, you can’t spend what you don’t have.

Sign 3: Reduced Sense of Accomplishment

Your work feels meaningless and you catch yourself thinking “What’s the point?” and “Who cares?” You might also find yourself worrying about messing up.    

Tip: Connect with your personal sense of purpose. Know that feeling you have when you encounter an ideal patient? You’re reminded of the reason why you became a doctor in the first place. You can experience a similar sense of purpose outside of work by taking part in purposeful engagements, like volunteering or helping a loved one. Without a sense of purpose, your mind will have trouble seeing a reason to keep going. And remember, your self-worth should never be tied to your work. 


Taking proactive steps to prevent burnout is key. But what if you encounter a work environment too toxic to fix on your own? If you’ve exhausted all options to salvage the relationship with your employer, it may be time to explore a new opportunity that will bring greater balance and professional satisfaction.

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