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How to Determine if a Near-Site or Multi-Employer Clinic is Right for Your Company

Posted by Tatiana Spears on August 18, 2016

3463410211_e026515547_z.jpgYou already know the benefits of employer-sponsored clinics, but what if an on-site option isn’t the best fit?

See how a near-site or multi-employer clinic might be the best decision you’ve ever made for your employees and bottom-line.

On-site clinics have long provided benefits to self-funded employers. Since the early 20th century, on-site clinics have provided employees with immediate access to care and significant health care savings for the employer. Today, when employers are asked how they plan to control health benefit cost over the long term, they talk about improving employee health through worksite clinics. Why? Well according to Mercer, 72% of employers offering worksite clinics say that managing employee health risk and chronic conditions are an important objective for the clinic. Large employers still dominate the worksite clinic scene, but a new model is emerging, empowering mid- and even small-sized businesses to reap the benefits.

Near-site clinics are generally located near the employer, still providing easy access to employees and their families. However, this model is also taking on a new shape with the near-site network concept. The idea is to establish multiple clinics in strategic geographic areas based on where employees live, taking accessibility and convenience to another level. Why is this important? To encourage clinic utilization and disease management compliance, accessibility and convenience are essential.

Now, let’s take it a step further. What if you took one near-site clinic, or even an entire near-site network, and opened it up to like-minded employers? These are other self-funded employers who understand they’ll receive by offering this benefit to their employees. The multi-employer clinic model is a smart way to increase utilization and share operational/vendor costs with other employers. This model provides an especially scalable solution for smaller employers.

So, how do you know if a near-site or multi-employer clinic is right for you?

First, explore the option of becoming self-funded if you haven’t already. Self-funded employers have vested interest and direct influence in helping to reduce health care costs by improving employee health. Second, assess and analyze which chronic conditions are most affecting your employee population. This information will help you begin to realize the potential savings you can reap from having a dedicated worksite clinic that not only provide quality primary care, but help employees manage chronic disease.

Finally, connect with a third party vendor. According to Towers Watson, 64% of employers with an on-site clinic contract the work to a vendor. An expert can help you determine if the population of your covered employees and their families warrant a dedicated near-site clinic or if joining an existing shared clinic is right for you.

Does a near-site or multi-employer model seem like a good fit for you? Then it’s time to take action. Whether you’ve determined that a near-site clinic is right for you or if you’re a small employer who would love the opportunity to join a shared clinic, it’s time to let an expert help you make the right call.

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