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Why You’re Missing the Boat if You Do Nothing With Your Biometric Screening Results

Posted by Tatiana Spears on May 18, 2016

Why You’re Missing the Boat if You Do Nothing With Your Biometric Screening Results | Tatiana Spears | Employer Healthcare Strategies blog by CareATC, Inc.As an employer, if you’re not doing anything with your aggregate biometric data, then you’re missing out on a big opportunity to make wellness work for you. 

What exactly is biometric data? A biometric screening is a test that measures height, weight, and other biological factors such as temperature and blood pressure. This type of screening is a basic way of obtaining fundamental information about general health. In 2015, 50% of large employers offered this type of screening on an annual basis, but only 18% of small to mid-sized businesses offer this type of screening. And unfortunately, many of these employers leave this potential goldmine of information woefully undisturbed.

You see, aggregate data from biometric screenings contains a wealth of knowledge that can inform your strategy and even lead to hard dollar savings. Yes – I’m talking actual cash saved just through the power of information. Biometric screenings empower employers to make critical choices. Choices that were once as predictable as a shaman reading tea leaves. (If you’re a shaman, no offense and no bad juju on me, please). Aggregate biometric data can reveal whether it’s more important to invest in a diabetes management program or smoking cessation program (or both!). The point is you won’t know where to aim if you can’t even see the target.

Employer’s aren’t the only ones who benefit from this information. Employees can use their personal results to help set the course for change. But let’s be honest – fundamentals of human behavior dictate that we are inclined to make the easiest choice before making the right choice. So while we hope a sobering dose of scientific information will spark sustainable behavioral change for employees, the truth is that employers still have a crucial part to play (and a necessary one as a stakeholder in employee health).

So what can you do? 

For an employee to be an active participant in positive health choices, it's important for the employer to make the right thing easy. The course for change begins with doing three things:

  1. Recognize where you are now
  2. Identify where you need to be
  3. Determine how to get where you want to be

If you’ve already laid the groundwork to make the right choice easy for your employees with a wellness program or even a chronic disease management program, then you’re on the course to a healthy return on investment.

The future of biometric screenings is incredibly bright. As technology advances – especially with the advent of wearables – we will find ourselves with robust, real-time data. With such information at your fingertips, imagine the type of nimble and responsive decisions that can be made. The ability to adjust and improve strategy in matter of weeks, not years. Companies who make data-driven wellness decisions now will be sure to have a competitive advantage with healthier, happier employees tomorrow.

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