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After 5 years of working in higher education, Gretchen brings a fresh perspective to research-based content through freelance writing and editing. You can usually find her working in a coffee shop filled with natural light and easy access to a hot cappuccino. When she's not finding new insights into modern HR topics, she is probably hiking in the mountains of Colorado or re-watching The Office. 
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25 of the Best Employee Perks You Need to Have

Posted by Gretchen Knurr on November 28, 2017


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10 Proven Ways to Build the Workplace of the Future

Posted by Gretchen Knurr on November 21, 2017

 The rise of technology and the digitization of many aspects of business have led to some dramatic changes in the workplace as we know it. As technology continues to progress, the workplace is an ever-changing environment. The future of the workplace is about the future of people. As we change – as we become increasingly dependent on mobile devices and as we work faster and become less tolerant of inefficient processes and technologies – we expect changes in the workplace. Start now to build the workplace of the future—one that is efficient, offers a flexible schedule, and is employee-centric.

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Tips on HR Strategic Planning in 2018

Posted by Gretchen Knurr on November 14, 2017

 Having a strategic plan for your organization is a crucial element, but these long-term plans do not create themselves. They require a lot of hard work and time to be developed and implemented—a task that largely falls to the HR department. Without a roadmap, strategic planning could be a waste of time, or even worse, lead to poor results. Developing a strategic plan is a good way to show other organizational departments the importance and unique contributions of the HR department. It allows you to shape the expectations that your organization holds for what you will contribute and when.

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HR Conferences You Need to Attend in 2018

Posted by Gretchen Knurr on November 7, 2017

 As an HR professional, you know that the facets within this field are extensive. There are so many components that make up the HR world, so when it comes to professional development opportunities, you want to make sure you carefully select the best option for you. It’s hard to believe it, but we are nearing the end of 2017, which means it’s time to start gearing up for 2018. What better way to plan for your new year at work than by registering for a professional development conference? There are a lot of conferences to choose from, so I’ve selected some of the crucial conferences you need to attend in the upcoming year.

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25 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Through Open Enrollment

Posted by Gretchen Knurr on November 3, 2017

Everyone needs an extra measure of motivation to give them that energy boost they need to get through the work week. Perhaps we all need a little extra inspiration to get us through open enrollment, even more than other weeks. Whether you need a little dose of encouragement to stay the course or fresh, insightful perspective, these 25 inspirational quotes can help get you and your employees through this open enrollment week and beyond!

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8 Statistics That Should Scare Every HR Manager

Posted by Gretchen Knurr on November 2, 2017

When things get busy (and when aren’t things busy?!), it’s far too easy for employees and managers alike to coast through their work weeks and maintain the status quo. But perhaps this maintenance of the status quo is an indicator of a deeper issue – a lack of employee engagement. Statistics have shown that most people are unhappy at work. In 2013, even in a climate of business uncertainty and an unemployment rate of 7.8 percent, more than 2 million Americans were voluntarily leaving their jobs every month. So, how can you get employees to stay? And how likely are your employees to leave? As a manager, you need to be aware of some shocking research.

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5 Ways to Make Your Employee Benefit Presentations Fun

Posted by Gretchen Knurr on October 19, 2017

Most companies have an annual enrollment period. This is an important window of time during which employees can make adjustments to their benefits package for the upcoming year. Important as this period is, and valuable as it can be, many times employees have trouble staying engaged in the annual benefits presentations. This is useful information that you don’t want them to miss. How can you make these presentations more engaging and fun for your employees?

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10 Steps to Open Enrollment Success

Posted by Gretchen Knurr on October 10, 2017

Open enrollment can be a stressful time for HR professionals, but it doesn’t have to be. A little preparation goes a long way. Putting in the time to create clear, engaging communication can work wonder for your employees. Consider the findings from “What Your Employees Think About Your Benefits Communication: Research from Jellyvision Conducted by Harris Poll”, a 2016 survey with some surprising facts:

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How to Make the Most of Email During Open Enrollment

Posted by Gretchen Knurr on October 3, 2017

It’s no secret that email is the default mode of communication in most companies. When it comes to informing your employees about open enrollment, emailing them is fast, convenient, and ideally, efficient. But how can you make sure your emails are going to actually be read? Just as emails are fast, convenient, and efficient for you to send out, they need to be the same for your employees to read. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of emailing your employees during open enrollment.

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Can Health Coaching Improve Employee Engagement?

Posted by Gretchen Knurr on September 26, 2017

Health coaching in the workplace can help to transform not only individual lives but the company culture as a whole. Helping people to achieve personal wellness goals at work can help them to feel personally connected to the organization. By turning the focus away from the bottom line as the final goal, impact and staff engagement become the indicator. This allows for a new or reintroduced program to become a collaborative mission for all, where employees become supported people. It’s easier for employees to feel engaged at work when they are able to be confident that their company cares about their personal wellbeing.

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