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Carah is a Product Manager here at CareATC. When she's not busy working on our product strategy and roadmap, she dabbles in the occasional creative project or blog post.
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When it Comes to True Engagement, No Pain Equals No Gain

Posted by Carah Counts on November 5, 2015

The President of Endeavor America Loans offers insight into achieving meaningful employee engagement.

Through two years of focus on his company's culture, the writer learned that real communication is worth it, but the process can be difficult — and even painful.

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CareATC Offers On-Site Clinics and Health Screenings for Clients

Posted by Carah Counts on October 30, 2015

CareATC was recently featured in Tulsa World. Below is some information about our company and what we do.

CareATC specializes in on-site or near-site workplace medical clinics. We have demonstrated how effective preventative care can be at achieving healthcare savings for employers.

Using statistical analysis of all employees in a single system, CareATC methods are able to anticipate and prevent future health concerns of individual employees.

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Why Earning Employee Trust is Important

Posted by Carah Counts on October 14, 2015

One of the most important parts of a manager's job is to have a realistic understanding of how he or she is perceived by employees.

Just as employees can't be expected to perform their best work for a manager they do not trust, cultivating a history of thougthful management patterns is a high priority for effective leaders.

There are many examples of how this is (and is not) done.

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Firms Boost HR Tech Spending

Posted by Carah Counts on October 9, 2015

The Human Capital Media Advisory Group has recently found that most HR departments have spent more on technology in 2015 than in the year prior.

Despite a growth in spending across the board, there are so many technological options to choose from, that HR teams are having to be choosy.

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Four Employee Retention Strategies For the Modern Workplace

Posted by Carah Counts on October 5, 2015

It's well known that today's workplace includes members of several generations. Despite age diversity, most workers have specific needs in common: workplace flexibility, fairness, advancement opportunities, and a sense of meaning in their work.

A recent Gallup poll suggests that these needs are failing to be met across the board. This and other factors contribute to a culture of "job-hopping" among younger employees, and it has workplaces scrambling to keep their best talent.

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Flexible Working Now an Almost Universal Benefit, Claims Study

Posted by Carah Counts on September 23, 2015

HR's roles are always changing in a rapidly transforming world.

Every now and then, it's good to take a minute to understand universal trends that HR experts are identifying.

In an Unum study, many new and familiar observations are laid out.

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Why the Next Generation Workforce Demands a Mobile-First Workplace

Posted by Carah Counts on September 10, 2015

It's no secret that the American workplace is changing.

Many argue that the traditional office is obsolete, and today's HR teams should be preparing to equip a new generation of employees to excel in the mobile workspace.

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How to Ease the Pain of Rising Health Insurance Rates

Posted by Carah Counts on September 2, 2015

People receiving insurance through employers and through public exchanges are all paying more.

The average family of four will pay $24,600 in 2015 healthcare costs.

But understanding the details of your healthcare policy could end up saving you a lot.

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HBR: The Unsexy Fundamentals of Great HR

Posted by Carah Counts on August 25, 2015

With more than 50 years of Human Resources research behind us, the best practices for HR are well-documented but rarely applied.

The authors of this article advise that "common sense" solutions to HR issues are often incorrect, so studying the science is important.

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The Hot New Workplace Benefit: Financial Planning

Posted by Carah Counts on August 18, 2015

Financial planning has been one of the fastest growing benefits trends in 2015. 

"Financial Wellness" has a familiar ring to it, but it's a new concept for many plan sponsors.

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