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Weight Loss: Small Changes, Big Results!

Posted by Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT on July 1, 2017

You will be surprised how decreasing a few calories here and there can contribute to huge weigh loss over time. Cutting 100 calories a day translates into a 10-pound weight loss over a year, cutting 200 calories a day leads to a 20-pound weight loss in one year!

Losing weight is a daunting task, but a modest weight loss of only 5-10% can dramatically improve your health. Studies have shown that small weight loss can significantly decrease blood pressure, lower the risk of diabetes, improve blood cholesterol, reduce stress on joints, relieve arthritis, improve sleep apnea, and reduce inflammation. So next time you are contemplating if trying to lose weight is worth it, stop and remember that every bit helps your health!


Here are ten simple swaps to easily start cutting calories today!

  1. Swap a bagel for an English muffin = 240 calories
  2. Swap a three egg omelet for an omelet with one egg and two egg whites = 106 calories
  3. Swap a side of fries for a side salad = 177 calories
  4. Swap ½ cup (4 oz.) sour cream for ½ cup (4 oz.) salsa = 186 calories
  5. Swap potato salad for a tomato, cucumber balsamic salad = 160 calories
  6. Swap 2 tbsp. oil for 4 tbsp. applesauce in baking = 160 calories
  7. Swap a large chocolate chip cookie for an organic dark chocolate square (1 oz.) = 156 calories
  8. Swap 1 cup (8 oz.) plain spaghetti for 1 cup (8 oz.) spaghetti squash = 140 calories
  9. Skip the top piece of bread and make an open faced sandwich = 100 calories
  10. Swap 3 tbsp. Ranch dip for 3 tbsp. hummus = 115 calories
Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT

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Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT

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