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As CareATC's Recruiter, Ginger primarily focuses on recruiting top talent for our clinics and Corporate office. She also uses her creativity to help plan Corporate events.
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Should HR Managers Embrace "Employee Types"?

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on June 29, 2016

Canon has conducted research about "Employee Types" - fundamental personality traits which tend to come out in individuals, making them respond to tailor-made management styles.

Canon identified three employee types:

  • Focused Employees
  • Balanced Employees
  • Mobile Employees
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Does Casual Workplace Attire Help Retain Workers?

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on June 28, 2016

A large study indicates that 1/3 of employees would prefer to work at a company where Business Casual attire was the norm.

Just over 20% of American companies allow casual dress every day of the week.

But in a growing result-orientation in American company culture, more businesses are admitting that the way people dress might not have much to do with their productivity.

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Deloitte's 2016 Millennial Survey: "Winning Over the Next Generation of Leaders"

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on June 14, 2016

Industry powerhouse Deloitte has a lot to say about Millennials in the workforce.

As their far-reaching survey concludes, Millennials and employers have to learn to strike a bargain if they're going to work together.

In many cases, Millennials tend to have one foot out the door of the traditional workplace. 

Today's young professionals are likely to hop quickly between jobs, make flexibility a top priority, and value benefits like unlimited vacation time. However, Millennials aren't impossible to please.

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A New Facebook Chatbot Could Help You Find (Or Fill) Your Next Job

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on June 13, 2016

Facebook works with a lot of developers to create all kinds of new user experiences. Chatbots are one of the hottest startups in the business, providing conversations between a user and an AI, in the attempt to find information or solve a problem.

New innovations have allowed chatbots to help users find jobs. But is this the end of HR recruitment? Far from it.

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Teleworkers More Likely to Prioritize Wellness

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on June 2, 2016

Employers around the country are offering endless takes on wellness programming, while others tend to favor workplace flexibility benefits. Some industry writers describe these two benefits strategies as existing in isolated "silos."

Employees who value the freedom to telecommute or do freelance work tend to make personal wellness a higher priority than their office-bound counterparts.

The question is... how can America's businesses split the difference?

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Grieving a Pet’s Death: Should Workers Get Time Off?

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on May 26, 2016

While some people might scratch their heads, cat and dog lovers know that the death of a furry friend can be a devastating loss. This is prompting some employers to offer paid leave for bereaved employees following the death of a beloved pet.

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Make Long Term Care Part of the Employee Financial Wellness Discussion

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on May 16, 2016

With all the talk of physical wellness in the workplace, financial wellness gets little attention.

This is starting to change. Employees of all ages are concerned about making their salaries extend as far as possible.

Millennials may be trying to pay off their student loans, or buying their first homes. GenXers and Boomers may be eyeing their upcoming retirement, hoping to be fully prepared when the time comes to leave their careers behind for good.

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Your Career Q&A: Work Your Way into HR Management

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on May 12, 2016

In response to a question about upward mobility in HR management, HR career coach Martin Yate offers some advice. Sometimes, in order to get the experience necessary to lead a Human Resources department, an HR professional has to move backward to move foreward.

Yate urges the writer to seek out a job for which she is at least 70% qualified, with the remaining 30% of the job description contributing to skill sets that might qualify her for a future manegerial role.

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How Teens are Changing the World of Workplace Benefits

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on May 4, 2016

Just when you thought you were getting used to the Millennial generation, there's another generation (with a catchy name not yet set in stone) entering the workplace right behind them.

That's right. Teenagers are entering the workforce. Born right on the cusp of the new Millennium, these kiddos don't have even the foggiest recollection of the pre-internet days, unlike their older siblings the Millennials.

The ripples they're making through workplace benefits policies are just as ground-shaking, however, and in somewhat the same style.

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Disturbance for HR Managers: HR Quantification!

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on May 2, 2016

Need a new piece of corporate-speak for your HR vocabulary? Try "HR Quantification" on for size.

HR has to work with many different departments: employees, the BOD, executives, competitors, management, IT, etc. Each of these groups has a different culture and communication style.

It is HR's job to work with each according to their individual characteristics, not according to one-size-fits-all approaches.

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